Joke Shop in London

Joke Shop in London - Freddie's Magic (

Are you trying to find a joke shop in London?

Look no further, as Freddie’s Magic is the best in Camden – as well as London’s mightiest magic store.

How do I get to Freddie’s Magic?

We are located on the Ground Floor of Buck Street Market.

Simply, exit Camden Town tube station, turn right, walk for one minute, and you’ll see the market on the right-hand side next to Leon. You’ll spot us on the right as you enter, keep an eye out for the big blue signs saying ‘MAGIC’.

Classic Joke Shop

Step inside a retro joke shop from your schooldays with our extensive range of retro pranks and jokes – whoopee cushions, fake poo, stink bombs, we have it all!

We also stock many simple magic tricks as well as a wide range of premium playing cards by Theory 11 and Bicycle.

What items do you have?

Our retro items are sourced from Funnyman (a UK-based company, operating since 1924), Playwrite, and Henbrandt.

We have pranks and jokes to suit all age ranges. Innocent items for young mischief makers, nasty pranks for evil teenagers, and grown-up practical jokes to get revenge on adult mates at the pub.

If you’re stuck for ideas for father’s day, our Customisable Prank Sets also make the perfect gift!

Prank Set: Customisable - Freddie's Magic (
Prank Set: Customisable – Freddie’s Magic (
Dirty face Soap - Freddie's Magic (
Dirty face Soap – Freddie’s Magic (
Whoopee Cushion - Freddie's Magic (
Whoopee Cushion – Freddie’s Magic (


Bug Gum - Freddie's Magic (
Bug Gum – Freddie’s Magic (
Fake Cigarettes (Smoke) - Freddie's Magic (
Fake Cigarettes (Smoke) – Freddie’s Magic (
Shock Pen - Freddie's Magic (
Shock Pen – Freddie’s Magic (
Sticky Poo - Freddie's Magic (
Sticky Poo – Freddie’s Magic (

Stink Bombs (3)
Stink Bombs (3) – Freddie’s Magic (
Exploding Bangers - Freddie's Magic (
Exploding Bangers – Freddie’s Magic (

and many, many more!