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Learn Magic Tricks Online

Different generations tend to have varied opinions on the best way to learn magic tricks, due to the era they grew up in. 

For example, one age group would say that the best way to learn magic tricks well is from another magician. The next generation would say the most accessible way to learn magic tricks is through books. The next would say video tapes, then DVDs, downloads, etc.

In this day and age, the best and most obvious answer is Youtube and social media (especially TikTok). These platforms are fantastic resources for learning easy tricks as they’re free, anyone can access them, and they have so much content to choose from.

Our TikTok profile has loads of quick and easy tricks you can learn at home, as well as lots of other fun content including bar bets, pranks, and videos of our latest products. Click here to check out our TikTok profile and follow us for all the latest updates. 

If social media isn’t your thing then check us out on Youtube. Here you’ll find all the same educational content to learn magic that we put on Tikok. 

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Freddie’s Magic is on Camden High Street in London.

To find us simply turn left outside Camden Town Underground station, walk 1 minute up the high street, and you’ll see us on the right in Buck Street Market.

The market is right next to Leon, and you’ll find us on the ground floor – just keep an eye out for blue signs saying ‘MAGIC’.

We’re open every day during the week (except Thursdays) from 11 am – 5 pm, and we update all our holiday business hours on Google, which you can see here

At Freddie’s Magic, we do live demonstrations, and when you buy a trick we even give you a quick lesson on how to do it! If you’re not sure what trick is best for you, come and speak to our friendly staff and we’ll help you make the right choice.

All of our tricks have written instructions, as well as video instructions to help you get going, and we have something for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

We also stock loads of old-school pranks and jokes if that’s more your thing, as well as premium playing cards for card enthusiasts who are looking for an extra special treat.

Recommended Items

Here are some of our top product suggestions for beginners, with age recommendations to help you choose the right items. All of our items come with written and clear video instructions to help you get started. 

The Magic Colouring Book

Magic Coloring Book (London) - Freddie's Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)
Magic Colouring Book (London) – Freddie’s Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)

Recommended Age: 3+

This is our most popular trick – a blank colouring book instantly fills with black and white images, then colourful drawings!

Extremely easy to do – if you can flick through a book, you’ll be able to do this trick instantly. 

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Dynamic Coins

Dynamic Coins - Freddie's Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)
Dynamic Coins – Freddie’s Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)

Recommended Age: 8+

A super easy coin trick for beginners – make a small stack of coins appear, disappear, transport and even transform at will!

Very easy to do – if you can put a coin on a table and turn it over, you’ll definitely be able to do this trick. 

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Stripper Deck

Stripper Deck - Freddie's Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)
Stripper Deck – Freddie’s Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)

Recommended Age: 8+

A unique deck of cards that looks regular, but has a secret that allows you to do 10 amazing tricks with barely any practice. 

A great introduction to card magic – if you can hold a pack of cards in your hand, you can definitely do these tricks.

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Magic Kit: Customisable

Magic Kit: Customisable - Children's Magic Sets - Freddie's Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)
Magic Kit: Customisable – Children’s Magic Sets – Freddie’s Magic (www.freddiesmagic.com)

You can buy all of these tricks individually, or combine them in a customisable magic kit and save!

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